Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver Board

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 Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver Board


Well, this stepper motor and stepper driver bundle will save your time looking for correct stepper combination :) You will still need an Arduino or controller to output the correct control sequence to drive the stepper in correct direction and speed.


  • Bundle with 5V, 4 phases stepper motor (28BYJ-48) and ULN2003 stepper driver.
  • Stepper motor (28BYJ-48) Specification:
    • Voltage: 5V
    • Diameter: 28mm
    • Step angle: 5.625 x 1 / 64
    • Reduction ratio: 1 / 64
    • Friction torque: 600-1200
    • Pull in torque: 300
    • Coil: Unipolar 5 lead coil
    • Phase: 4
  • Applications:
    • Supporting the use of a direct plug and easy to use stepper motor used in the development board.
    • Stepper motor driver board with ULN2003
    • A, B, C, D four-phase LED indicates the status of the stepper motor work
    • Stepper motor with a standard interface, when used directly pluggable