16 In One Sensor Kit

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 16 Sensor Module Kit for Arduino and  Raspberry Pi 2 3

Package list:
1 X DHT11 temperature and humidity module 
1 X HC-SR501 human body infrared sensor module
1 X DS1302 real-time clock module(without battery)
1 X Rain sensor  
1 X Sound sensor
1 X HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor
1 X Flame sensor 
1 X laser head 
1 X Photosensitive sensor  
1 X Soil moisture sensor
1 X Obstacle Avoidance Sensor  
1 X Vibration sensor 
1 X MQ-2 Gas Sensor 
1 X 315Mhz wireless transceiver module 
1 X Tilt sensor
1 X TCRT5000 Line follower module