Smart Home Starter Kit for Arduino

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  • 【Entry-level Coding Toy for Beginners】Designed for learning electronics and programming in a simple and fun way.KEYESTUDIO coding toy contains instructions to make 15 projects to learn about the basics of different modules like buttons, LEDs, sensors, etc., and learn how smart home works.
  • 【Intro to Electronics Kit】In this kit, you can build a model smart house with laser-cut wood boards, a lot sensors and actuators, and the plus control board.Through DIY assembly and learning, you can get a good understanding of the working principle of smart home.
  • 【Multi-function 】The smart home includes the functions of Lights and People Photocell Sensor/Human Infrared Sensor/LED Module/Soil dry Reminder Soil Humidity Sensor/Gas leak Alert/Steam Sensor/BT remote App Control etc.Turn The idea Into A Practical Application!
  • 【Creative&Thoughtful Gift 】Great for anyone that's into learning Arduino, electronic, home automation and coding. Christmas|Chanukah|Easter| gift for aspiring engineers and kids.
  • 【About KEYESTUDIO Arduino Starter Kit 】You need to prepare a computer to upload code to it and 6 AA batteries to power it. Then it will run automatically or you can control it with your Android or iOS mobile phone.Please search for "KEYESTUDIO KS0085" in Google Chrome, you will get a complete and detailed English User Manual .

Product Description

arduinio smart home

In this kit, a bluetooth remotely controlled smart home automation system, for monitoring the human, soil humidity, gas leakage and rain inside or outside the model house, was developed. This system can also control the light and the door by using motion and light sensors outside the home, can also control the door, window, light, fan, buzzer(music) of the house and accept alert by using the mobile phone APP we developed.

Before starting any project, you need to get your Arduino talking to your computer. This allows you to write and compile code for the Arduino to execute, as well as providing a way for your Arduino to work alongside your computer.

Note: The kit does not contain batteries, you need to prepare 6 AA batteries to run it.

arduino starter kit


arduino starter kit

It is made specifically for arduino hobbyists and anyone with kids or students to learn something new. Children without programming experience require parents' guidance. If you don't have Arduino programming experience, and you can't determine if the product is suitable for you, search for keywords in Google Browsers "Keyestudio KS0085" you can preview its Wiki online tutorial.

  • Electronics
  • Programming
  • Building Skill

A Large Number of Hardware

we also provide rich projects

The model smart home automation system consists of two parts: hardware and software. The hardware consists of many units such as your smartphone and personal computer, a KEYESTUDIO plus control board, a KEYESTUDIO sensor shield and a relay, a fan module, two button modules,a soil humidity sensor, a gas sensor, a motion sensor, two servos, a photocell sensor, two LED light modules, a steam sensor, a, HM-10 BT module, a buzzer module and a 1602 LCD display.

  • A step-by-step detail tutorial
  • Easy to assemble and program
  • No soldering
  • All are packed and labeled individually in a box
  • Fun and Creative Unlimited
  • Expanding more functions if you have experience
  • The technical support is always on time

arduino board

Take your existing skills and capabilities to the next level by building challenging applications with ease.


Multi-function - Turn The Idea Into A Practical Application!

Lights and people photocell sensor, human infrared sensor and LED module - after dark, if someone has passed the model smart home, the LED light is on, if no one LED is turned off. Password and door Press the button to enter the password and confirm it, the LCD displays the password, if password is correct the door open, if wrong, LCD displays “Error” then display “Again”, you can re-enter the password. Soil dry reminder Soil humidity sensor, bt module, mobile app - soil humidity sensor is inserted on a flower pot, when the soil of the flower pot is too dry, the buzzer will ring, and the "water" will be reminded on the mobile app. Gas leak alert MQ-2 Gas Sensor - when the gas sensor detects that a certain hazardous gas is too large, the buzzer will issue a "didi" alert. Close the window if raining Steam sensor, photocell sensor - when the raindrops are detected, the servo2 is activated, and the window is automatically closed, and when the sunlight is strong, the window opens. BT remote app control Play music, control doors and windows, and all sensors, control the brightness of the lamp and the speed of the fan.