DRV8833 DC Motor Drive Module

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Quick Overview

DC motor drive module


Size: 18.5*16mm

Input voltage: 3-10V

Single H bridge output current: 1.5A, can drive 2 DC motor.

Built in overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, under voltage lockout and over temperature protection. Low power sleep mode.

Uses: can drive the following 1.5A DC motor and 4 wire stepper motor.


ULT low level for sleep mode (need to disconnect the module after the J2 solder joints)

OUT1,0UT2 for the 1 H bridge, the corresponding control for IN1, IN2.

OUT3,0UT4 for the second H bridge, the corresponding control for IN3, IN4.

EEP to protect the output, the default is not.

VCC input voltage 3V-10V.

GND grounding.