ATmega16 Microcontroller

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ATMEGA16 microcontroller is one of the popular controllers in AVR series. With its features and purchase cost it became one of favorite controller for both hobbyists and engineers. ATMEGA16 programming is similar to any other AVR controller.

Atmega16 is a 40 pin microcontroller based on enhanced RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) architecture with 131 powerful instructions. It has a 16 KB programmable flash memory, static RAM of 1 KB and EEPROM of 512 Bytes. The endurance cycle of flash memory and EEPROM is 10,000 and 100,000, respectively. Most of the instructions execute in one machine cycle. It can work on a maximum frequency of 16MHz. There are 32 I/O (input/output) lines which are divided into four 8-bit ports designated as PA, PB, PC and PD. ATmega16 has various in-built peripherals like USART, ADC, Analog Comparator, SPI, JTAG etc. Each I/O pin has an alternative task related to in-built peripherals.